Made of 1/4 Steel and ALL ONE PIECE- will take abuse sent their way, including rocks that might damage your sills.  

GOT SLIDERS?  Ours rock sliders are not only the prettiest, but the toughest out there.  Period.  

$799 + shipping for Range Rover Classic, Discovery I and Discovery II.
  • Brand New

  • Powder Coated

  • All Hardware Included

  • Complements curve of truck body perfectly

  • Does not interfere with the function of the doors

  • Does not reduce your truck clearence


These sliders are nice enough to drive to the office, yet sturdy enough to take you to Moab, tomorrow.  They're very easy to install, with install time under an hour.  All hardware is included, as is easy to follow instructions.

Tools required to install: Flat Screwdriver (to pull sill covers off), Electric (cordless) Drill, 1/2 Drill bit, Permanent Marker, 2 3/4" tightening devices, Floor Jack, and a friend if one's handy.



Tools needed:  Flat Screwdriver (to pull sill covers off), Electric Drill, 1/2 Drill bit, Permanent Marker, Jack Stands, Floor Jack, and a friend if one's handy.

1) Pull all existing plastic covers off of your vehicle
2) Make sure the surface is clean (you'll be making some pen marks)
3) Identify Passenger Side Slider
4) Using a floor jack, or jack stands, lift the slider into desired position
    NOTE:  MAKE SURE TO LEAVE APPROXIMATELY 1/2 inch between slider and doors so 
    that your  doors still open.
5) Check the slider to make sure it's centered between the front and rear wheels.
6) Open and close doors to make sure there is enough room for the doors to close and allow
     for  mud/rocks
7)  Drill holes through sill and rear of rock slider
8) Bolt sliders onto vehicle with provided hardware
9)  Repeat steps 4-8 for Drivers side.


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