Frequently Asked Questions

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Q- Will my Sunroof (s) open after installing your Voyager Rack?
A- Yes!  All the roof racks we manufacture are designed to keep the full function of your sunroofs.
Q- How tall are the roof racks?
A- Depending on which model you purchase, they range from 3" tall to 17" tall.
Q- What is the lead time?
A- 7-10 Days + shipping.
Q- Can I customize a standard roof rack to fit my specific needs? 
A- Absolutely, this is our specialty.
Q- Will Yakama snowboard, ski, bike, and/or kayak accessories fit?
A- Yes, as well as other brands that are made to fit on top of your car.
Q- What is the load rating?
A- The rack will hold in excess of 1,000 lbs, your vehicle however might not.  Contact your vehicle manufacturer for more information for your specific model.
Q- How many light mounts come with a Voyager Rack?
A- At Least four on the front and one on the rear.  More can be added if needed.
Q- How much do the racks weigh?
A- Anywhere from 20lbs to 200lbs depending on which roof rack you choose.
Q- What kind of material are the racks made from?
A- 1 inch galvanized steel tubing, stainless steel is also available
Q- What accessories are offered?
A- Yes!  Flooring, hi-lift jack mounts, shovel, axe, spare tire, and more, we will make it happen.